Coco Lee

Hong Kong's famous artist Coco Lee committed suicide, she was in depression for several days.

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Fill in soCoco Lee was 48 years old who gained worldwide fameme text

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Coco Lee was born on January 17, 1975 in Hong Kong

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Coco Lee grew up in Hong Kong and became a dancer and singer. She was a world-class artist.


Coco Lee has two sisters, Nancy Lee and Carol Lee

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Coco Lee married Bruce Rockowitz in 2011. She had the nationality of America and China

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Lee's older sisters Carole and Nancy Lee said in a statement posted on Facebook and Instagram that Coco had suffered from depression for several years.

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His condition had deteriorated significantly in the last few months.

Coco tried her best to fight depression but she could not win over that depression

Coco Lee committed suicide on 25 July 2023, it is sad to see such a big star go like this